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Meris Barreto

TWINs, 2019, Marble, bronze filaments, Courtesy of the Artist.

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Hello, this is Meris Barreto. The work I am exhibiting in the Newport Biennial is titled TWINs.

Much of my work has been inspired by traditional Japanese aesthetics which respects the essence and spirit of materials. The Japanese word JUGEN (YUU-GANE) meaning “mystery” or “subtlety” describes this concept that in other languages requires several sentences to explain. I aspire to the notion of quality and beauty that transcends the obvious surface manifestations of a sculpture. 

I also like to add the unexpected in my work by using  materials that are inherently opposite in nature. In TWINs the first spark of life and separation is represented by the shiny energy of the coiled bronze filaments. The two marble shapes were cut from one block. I specifically chose marble with many veins which would emphasize the movement of two lives separating at birth.

Lastly, my work always connects to the life I have lived. The marble is from my home state of Colorado. The TWINs are a portrait of my son-in-law and his brother; To quote my son-in-law regarding similarities and differences between the brothers, “We are two sides of one coin.”