Since the mid-nineteenth century, Newport has attracted influential artists, writers, architects, and designers who were inspired by the natural beauty of this ocean front community. Newport’s unique history along with its rich tapestry of architecture, arboreta, and historic cultural organizations in addition to the Newport Art Museum’s permanent collection and archives offer many avenues for reflection and inspiration.

The Newport artist residency, AiR/Newport is designed to encourage the creative, intellectual, and personal growth of emerging and established visual artists and designers by giving them the time, space, and solitude needed to create, apart from the daily demands of production and deadline.

Furthermore, we value art and artists as essential components of a vibrant, healthy, and informed community and therefore consider some type of community engagement activity by the resident artists a priority.

Aimée Beaubien

Newport Art Museum is proud to announce its selection of Aimée Beaubien as its first artist-in-residence. Aimée will be living and creating at the Museum during the month of June 2020.

Aimée Beaubien is a Chicago-based artist and Assistant Professor in the Department of Photography at SAIC. Her cut-photo collages explore collapses in time, space, and place. She is very intrigued by historic archives and collections and how historically-significant objects are curated and presented at museums, as well as in private homes.

Aimée Beaubien
Hothouse Picture-Cyclopedia, 2020
cut-up inkjet prints, printed chiffon, printed mesh, paracord, polymer chains, porcelain chains, miniature clothespins, thread, PLA filament, dried lemons, plants, grow lights on fabric cord, vintage books
dimensions variable
New Formations, Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago IL

We are grateful to our generous supporters:

EJMP Fund for Philanthropy
Rhode Island State Council on the Arts
The Sand Foundation
Cynthia Sinclair
University Lane Foundation Charitable Trust Indenture
Roseanne Williams

We invite you to join us for a public presentation by resident artist Aimée Beaubien on Thursday evening, June 25 at the Art Museum. There will be additional opportunities to meet with Ms. Beaubien, including studio tours and informal discussions. And she will be out connecting with our diverse community throughout the month of June.