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Application Window: Dec 9, 2022 - Feb 1, 2023
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We’re pleased to announce the opening of applications for the 2023 Artist-in-Residence program at the Newport Art Museum, AiR/Newport. First introduced in 2020, the program launched officially and successfully in 2022.

Our artist residency is designed to encourage the creative, intellectual and personal growth of emerging and established visual artists and designers by giving them the time, space, and solitude needed to create, apart from the daily demands of production and deadline. Open to emerging-established artists, our hope is that some aspect of Newport County’s architecture, flora, history, or oceanfront geography will result in resident artists further developing their current practice or the creation of new work. And in turn, we anticipate learning from those creatives who join us.

AiR/Newport strives to create and support a community of artists that reflects a rich mix of artistic styles and ethnic, social and human diversity. The Newport Art Museum actively seeks applicants from all backgrounds, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, marital status, or ancestry.

Our AiR/Newport jury panel will assess submissions on several parameters, including the strength of the artists’ proposed community engagement activity, as well as identifying some aspect of Newport County’s architecture, flora, history, and/or ocean front geography that could potentially spark further development of their current work or the creation of something new. Three artists will be selected for our second year.

Special Thanks!
Our AiR/Newport initiative is possible thanks to the generosity of several donors, including the West Bay View Foundation, Cynthia Sinclair, EJMP Fund for Philanthropy, the Sand Foundation, and Roseanne Williams. Moreover, a Cultural Facilities grant from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts funded an upgraded AiR studio space in our Museum School, as well improvements to our artist residency studio apartment within our historic John N.A. Griswold House.

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2022 AiR/Newport Residents

Orlando Almanza: October 2022 Artist in Residence

Newport Art Museum thanks Orlando Almanza for joining us during the month of October 2022. Orlando works and resides between Havana, Cuba and Portland, OR.

Artist Statement:

I am drawn to stories. I love to listen to myths, legends and stories and to hold them in my mind. To imagine how they occurred. My passion and work is to find the visual universe where myths exist and to commit them to memory on canvas. My pieces often begin with sculpture-like figures which are then layered with paint and colors. I like to leave lines, clues and hidden surprises in my pieces, exploring the nuance and layers of each moment. In my work, nothing is certain, nothing is finished, nothing is exactly as it seems. Spirit-like figures appear momentarily, half-truth, half-myth. Fantastical creatures are nestled behind palms and colorful flowers. Lush landscapes and colors give a sense of the unknown, of our hopes and fears and all things both real and imagined.

Aimee Beaubien: June 2022 Artist in Residence

Newport Art Museum thanks Chicago-based artist Aimée Beaubien for joining us during the month of June 2022 - and creating a memorable “first impression” for our visitors this summer with her engaging and tactile installation piece positioned at the entry of our historic Griswold House.

Kathryn Frund: April 2022 Artist in Residence

Connecticut-based artist Kathryn Frund joined us during the month of April 2022 and during her residency constructed a large fabric map of Rhode Island using knit clothing culled from Goodwill discard bins. Kathryn's assemblages and installations pose questions about the complex relationships between nature and our consumer-driven society, exploring themes of stewardship, damage, fluidity, and control.