Contemporary Art

Over one-third of the Museum’s collection is devoted to contemporary art. This collection includes prints, drawings, photographs, paintings, sculptures, mixed media, and installation art. The Museum is currently expanding its holdings to include new media as well.

The Museum owns contemporary photography by Richard Benson, Lindsey Beal, Jesse Burke, Caleb Cole, Ron Cowie, Kathie Florsheim, Lucas Foglia, Henry Horenstein, Nancy Grace Horton, Joel Meyerowitz, Lissa Rivera, and also has considerable holdings of photographs by Aaron Siskind and Rhode Island photographer Salvatore Mancini.

The Museum is also home to works on paper (prints, drawings, and watercolors) by Albert Alcalay, Varujan Boghosian, David Dewey, Steven Easton, George Condo, Umberto Crenca, Mark di Suvero, Mary Dondero, Jemison Faust, Red Grooms, William Gropper, Philip Guston, Corita Kent, Sol LeWitt, Roy Lichtenstein, Michael Mazur, Alan Metnick, Philip Pearlstein, Fairfield Porter, Ad Reinhardt, Raphael Soyer, Kenn Speiser, May Stevens, Meredith Stern, Chris Van Allsburg, and Andy Warhol. The Museum has significant holdings of prints and drawings by Francis Adams Comstock and Joseph Norman.

The Museum’s growing collection of sculpture and decorative arts includes works by regional, national, and international artists. Some of these works are on display in the Museum, as well as in the outdoor sculpture garden. The artists represented in this collection are Howard Ben Tré, Lisa Barthelson, Lindsey Beal, Ashwini Bhat, Caleb Cole, Dale Chihuly, Steven Easton, Michael Hansel, Douglas Huebler, Howard Newman, Allison Newsome, Italo Scanga, Hugh Townley, Toots Zynsky, as well as David Allyn, Jillian Barber, and Lisa Perez.

Contemporary paintings include works by James Baker, David Barnes, Christopher Benson, Stephen Brownell, Donna Bruton, Ruth Dealy, David Dewey, Bob Dilworth, Jemison Faust, Leslie Graff, Bunny Harvey, Florence Leif, Sue McNally, Gordon Peers, Rita Rogers, Italo Scanga, and Richard Whitten.