The Art Association of Newport, now the Newport Art Museum, was founded in 1912 on the belief that arts and culture have the power to bring diverse groups of individuals together, which ultimately promotes civic engagement and strengthens the social fabric of our communities. This core idea continues to inform our Museum's direction today.

Our year-round exhibitions, public programs and educational offerings, on our Arts Campus and at partnering institutions across the region, are increasingly multi-cultural, interdisciplinary, intergenerational and accessible.

Each year, more than 20,000 individuals visit and participate in our Museum and Museum School programs. Many of our activities are the result of collaborations with other arts, cultural, design, environmental, health, and social service organizations, all adding to a rich mix of experiences and perspectives.

Ultimately, our Museum is ABOUT you. When you participate, our mission is activated. When your voices are heard, our work is relevant. It's the meaningful, memorable conversations provoked by the art on the walls and the making in our studios that create important connections. This is your Museum. Get engaged!

Art is the only place I feel free — a place I feel like I'm growing. That's where I flourish.

Violet Andersen

MuSE Student, Age 15

Our Mission

The mission of the Newport Art Museum is to champion a provocative diversity of creative voices and experiences within an historic Newport setting, thus sparking reflection, inspiration, discovery, and connection to our self, our community, and our world.

Our Vision

The Newport Art Museum will be a widely recognized destination for artists, scholars, students, innovators, arts enthusiasts, and cultural travelers from around the world. As Newport’s arts campus, the Art Museum will be the nexus of artistic, intellectual, social, and culturally diverse life in the region.