Welcome to the Museum’s Learning Resources library. Each image links to a downloadable resource packet for a single art object that includes high resolution images, background on the artist, context for the artwork, discussion questions, sample activities and vocabulary. Using the materials provided, educators can easily fold a relevant and meaningful learning opportunity, aligned with Common Core State Standards, into their curriculums. All free for you, anytime.

Crafting Identity

Multidisciplinary artist Caleb Cole questions the "self" in "self-portrait" and explores multiple identities, including their own.

Grades 6-12

Quilts as Storytellers

Quilts are both craft, artistry, and vehicles for storytelling.

Grades 6 and up

Introducing Social Politics

Known for his skills as a painter, George Bellows also created many cartoons that investigated the changing urban world of the early twentieth-century United States.

Grades 6-8

Science of Art

Toots Zynsky's glorious glass sculptures blend chemistry, neuroscience and new technology with fine art.

Grades 6-12   

Portraits: A Window and a Mirror

Rania Matar’s documentary photography humanizes the current Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon.

Grades 6-12
ELA, Social Studies, Civics

Artivism: Art + Activism

Artist and activist May Stevens uses her creative voice to effect change during the Civil Rights and Women's Liberation movements of the 1960s.

Grades 6-12
ELA, Social Studies, Civics

Visual Storytelling

Discovering the curious tale of Italo Scanga's folk art, Cubist painted, found-object sculpture.

Grades 2-5

Visual Storytelling

Lithographer Joseph Norman's expressive work and use of symbolic motifs communicate a vivid sense of place, history, struggle and hope.

Grades 6-12
ELA, Social Studies