Toots Zynsky: Past/Present

Curated by Dr. Francine Weiss, Director of Curatorial Affairs & Chief Curator

June 8, 2024 - December 1, 2024

Wright and Studio Galleries (Griswold House)

Opening Reception
Friday, June 14, 5:00 – 7:00 PM
Griswold House

Toots Zynksy is world-renowned for her vibrantly colored glass vessels. Using her distinctive filet-de-verre technique, Zynsky fuses thousands of glass threads, which she then shapes into vessels. Through this process, Zynsky combines different rods of glass to create subtle and unusual shades, hues, and patterns. In her words, she is “painting with glass.” 

This exhibition showcases archival works by the artist along with more recent works from her “Endangered Species” series, which focuses on the disappearance of birds as a result of habitat loss. As she explains, “I grew up surrounded by birds in a woodland and marshland that was a child’s wonderland. Later, as an artist exploring color combinations in glass, I turned to birds’ magnificent plumage for inspiration. But on a recent visit home, I was struck by how few birds remained in my childhood haunts.” A tribute to these birds, the vessels in this series possess the patterns, forms, and colors of endangered birds around the world. 

Throughout her career, Zynksy has expanded the expressive possibilities of glass. This exhibition will celebrate her unique contributions to this ancient medium.