January 2022

I’ll begin this new year by thanking those generous donors who supported our Museum in a variety of ways last year. Your contributions helped ensure our Museum was able to provide the inspiration and refuge so many in our communities needed during this challenging time.

2022 marks our 110th anniversary. What began as a small Art Association with 142 Charter Members has developed into a regionally significant and nationally accredited Art Museum. One major reason for such longterm success can be attributed to the dedicated people involved.

To that point, I’m thrilled to announce that three new employees will join our Museum’s administrative team this January. Brandon Taylor Miller as our Director of Operations, Kate Petterson as our Manager of Education, and Kyle Legerski, who will add to the ranks of our stellar Museum Experience Associate staff. A Press Release will be out soon with more details of their impressive bios.

Our new season kicks off with an opening reception celebrating the 67 artists juried into our 2022 Biennial. Please join us on Friday, January 7th from 5 – 7pm, to congratulate the artists. The Biennial will be on view through May 29th. Other exceptional exhibitions are planned throughout the year – stay tuned.

The 94th iteration of our Winter Speaker Series begins with audience-favorite Darrell West on Saturday, January 29th at 2pm. The following five Saturdays will feature other highly-regarded speakers on topics ranging from wind turbines and architecture to artists and the Iditarod. Join us in-person or via Zoom.

New art and design offerings for all ages and backgrounds are scheduled to begin in our art studios this winter. Thank you for considering our Museum School as your go-to creative outlet.

Undoubtedly, our Museum has experienced many changes over the past 110 years. Although there has been one through line – our intention to be a community-minded Museum.

The Art Association was founded as “…a representative association, including people of every age and every sort of income, that we welcome with equal cordiality all sorts and conditions of men, women and children, asking only one thing, that they come to us in the same spirit of devotion to the cultivation of artistic endeavor that inspired our founders.”

Our current mission is to share a diversity of art and experiences that spark reflection, inspiration, discovery and connection within our Newport community and beyond.

Publishing a mission statement is one thing, acting on it is quite another. We look forward to pursuing our mission with renewed energy this year – actions speak louder than words!

Norah Diedrich, Executive Director