September 2021

Our exhibition “Hair Stories,” featuring a diverse group of twenty artists from across the country, will be on view through October 31, 2021. Multiple mediums are involved, from fiber and photography to video and sculpture, all exploring the multifaceted and very personal meanings of hair and how it has been and continues to be used as an expressive medium, both literally and metaphorically.

For me, this show has been successful in terms of both traditional measures, such as admission numbers and recognition (read the Boston Globe mention) in addition to more contemporary benchmarks like engagement, conversation and education.

Exhibition visitors are free to express their thoughts about what ‘hair’ means to them on post-it notes, which are also on view in the gallery. Some have drawn hairstyles while others have remarked on more personal aspects, including the topics of aging, the pandemic and styles.

In-gallery conversations have been initiated by our Museum educators and docents, as well as our youth summer camp interns, front desk staff and even our security guards. This welcoming of “voices” other than “the institution’s” underscores our Museum’s desire to be more inclusive – and perhaps reflects a genuine excitement about the artworks!

Our “Hair Stories” dialogue continues virtually on September 14 from 5:30 – 6:30pm EST with participating artists Anne Wilson and Nneka Kai and our Museum’s senior curator Dr. Francine Weiss. (Reservations required to receive Zoom link). Both artists utilize hair as an evocative and intimate art-making and storytelling vehicle. Please join us and add your voice to the conversation.

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It’s all about Art Together Now – and we sincerely want you to be part of it.

Norah Diedrich, Executive Director