Exhibition Resources

Museum staff have assembled a list of resources to expand our understanding of the personal, emotional, political, religious, and cultural importance and implications of this exhibition’s content. Although this is not an exhaustive list, we hope these resources are informative, illuminating, and inspire conversation with others.

History of Art and War

Art as Influence and Response: A First Look at World War I and the Visual Arts.The Metropolitan Museum of Art. (October 16, 2017).
Art in a Time of War.” The New Yorker.(March 14, 2022).
Paintings, protest and propaganda: A visual history of warfare.” CNN.(April 2, 2018).

War Memorials

Remembering Conflict: Making Sense of War Memorials.Art and Object. (April 25, 2022).
The Remarkable Story of Maya Lin’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial.” Biography. (May 14, 2020).

Artists and the Conflict in Syria

Art, Peace and Conflict: Artistic Activism in Syria.” The Peace Research Institute Oslo. (April 26,  2019).
Life after war: The impact of conflict on Syrian artists.” Atlantic Council. (December 10, 2019).

Artists and the War in Viet Nam

Artists and Writers Protest Against the War in Vietnam.” Art Museum of the University of Memphis. (Aug 12, 2019).
George Baker on Mark Di Suvero.Art Forum International. (January 1998).

Artists and the American Civil War

An Embedded Artist with the Union Army, Winslow Homer Captured Life at the Front of the Civil War.Yale News. (April 20, 2015).
Civil War and Its Aftermath.National Gallery of Art.(2020).

Other Voices of War

Experiencing War: Stories from the Veterans History Project.” Library of Congress. (November 9, 2016).
The Syrian Crisis- Through Artist’s Eyes.” The Guardian. (November 10, 2018).
Women and War.International Committee of The Red Cross. (October 11,  2018).

"Conflict and Remembrance"