Conflict and Remembrance

April 18, 2022 - May 21, 2023

Contemporary Gallery

Throughout history, artists have represented, protested, and remembered wars and conflicts. The artworks they create offer not only a document but a lens through which to understand how they grappled with, and reflected on, the events of their time. This exhibition of artworks from the Museum’s permanent collection features artists who have responded to conflicts from the American Civil War to present.

Collectively the works on display invite contemplation about how conflicts are remembered and how people heal from them. We hope that these works will inspire further reflection and discussion as we all try to process and heal from the conflicts and events of today.

Featured artists: 

Albert Alcalay, Mark Di Svero, Minoo Emami, Donna Ferrato, Robert Hale Ives Gammel, Winslow Homer, Sal Lopes, Rania Matar, Alan Metnick, Ad Reinhardt, Gertrude Vanderbit Whitney.


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