DISCOlour: The Light Paintings | Bradley Wester

April 3, 2023 - June 23, 2023

Museum School Mini-Exhibition

The Museum School Mini-Exhibition series aims to provide insight into the creative process by highlighting emerging contemporary and Outsider artists in a quarterly series of art exhibitions. In DISCOlour: The Light PaintingsBradley Wester continues his exploration of the glitz and glam aesthetic of early Queer disco, harnessing the light of that era inside his paintings while projecting it joyously into the gallery. A utopian reimagining of a former time, the original disco was, for Wester, a rehearsal site for diversity and inclusion. He invites the viewer in.

According to Wester: “I have never tired of the spectacular mood-altering moment when direct sunlight enters my studio and explodes off the myriad actual disco balls lying around or inserted into my DISCOurse work. In this infinite dome of heaven, a thousand points of light envelop and illuminate my artwork. These new, spray-painted, colorful ‘Disco Light’ paintings are compressed physical renderings of that experience. More than ever, DISCOlour: The Light Paintings celebrate Queer shine’s ability to turn hate and oppression into an imagined future—diverse, optimistic, joyous, and fun.”