Exhibition Resources

Museum staff have assembled a list of resources to expand our understanding of the personal, emotional, political, religious, and cultural importance and implications of this exhibition’s content. Although this is not an exhaustive list, we hope these resources are informative, illuminating, and inspire conversation with others.

History of Quilts

American Quilts and Coverlets.” The Metropolitan Museum of Art. (August 2009).
Smithsonian National Quilt Collection.National Museum of American History.

Women and Needlework

American Needlework in the 18th Century.” The Metropolitan Museum of Art. (October 2003).
Needlework and the Education of Girls.” The Florence Griswold Museum. (APRIL 18, 2010).

Philadelphia Exposition

“United States Centennial Exhibition Collection.” Free Library of Philadelphia: Philadelphia, PA. 

Contemporary Quilt Artists

Black Lives Are Celebrated In Bisa Butler’s Extraordinary, Technicolor Quilts.” NPR. (August 15, 2021).
Contemporary Quilters.” The Victoria and Albert Museum.
Faith Ringgold.Craft In America. (October 30, 2014).
Michael A. Cunningham.”Craft In America. (Dec 28, 2019).
Susan Hudson on her 29 Warriors Quilt.Craft in America. (Jan 16, 2020).

Quilting Traditions Across Cultures

An Evolution of Expression.” National Museum of African American History and Culture. 
Classic Amish Quilts.The International Quilt Museum. (June 2021).
Gee’s Bend Quilt Makers.Souls Grown Deep.


Cultural Appropriation and La Japonaise.” Aesthetic for Birds. (April 15, 2016).
Japonisme.The Metropolitan Museum of Art. (October 2004).
Japonisme: Western Fever for Japanese Art and Culture.” Daily Art Magazine. (May 10, 2022).