Exhibition Resources for "Dress Code"

Branding, Access, Luxury and Copyright

Knockoffs: Articles of Interest #8” podcast written and produced by Avery Trufelman, 2020,  34:28 min.

“The Genuine Unauthorized Clothing Clone Institute” by Abigail Glaum-Lathbury

Lisa Anne Auerbach  website

Creatives Compete in the First AI Fashion Week – How Will It Impact the Industry”, Marketplace tech podcast, 2023 


Counter-culture and Performance

“Cheap Trick’s Nielsen discusses guitars, sweaters, Hall of Fame snubbing.” by Nancy Adamson, Midland Reporter Telegram, 2013 

Baxter Koziol website

“Dapper Dan: The Original” website 

“In the Kiki Ballroom Scene, Queer Kids of Color Can Be Themselves.” by Anja Matthews and Sony Salzman, The Atlantic, November 7, 2019.

“Meet Rey Londres | Photographer”,  Shoutout Social 

The Haus of Glitter Dance Company + Performance Lab + Preservation Society

“A Brief History of Voguing”   by Tsione Wolde-Michael, Writer/Editor for the Office of Curatorial Affairs, Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture

“Why The Ballroom Scene is About So Much More Than Vogueing”  The Pride Series video by British Vogue, 2021 3:25 min.

Gender and Gender Expression

“Demons and Deities: Martine Gutierrez’s Indigenous Inspired Iconography” by Barbara Calderón, Art21, 2019

Lisa Z. Morgan’s STRUMPET & PINK website

Lisa Z. Morgan website


Familial and Cultural Ties Through Dress

Bhen Alan website  

“A TikToker has worn vintage clothing everyday for 100 days, including items passed down from her great-great-great aunt”  by Victoria Monalti, INSIDER, April 28,2022 

“Why Fashion in Family Heirlooms is Significant Today”  by Sophia Renda for Photobook: Sustainable Fashion Magazine, September 25, 2021

“The Banig, Reimagined in Design.”,  Fame+ Stories Behind Filipino Design Excellence

Zoë Pulley website

Zoë Pulley’s Black Joy Archive website

"Dress Code"