Cancelled: Newport Annual Exhibiting Artist Talk

April 2, 2020 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Every year the Newport Annual presents a fascinating selection of works in all media. This survey sheds light on the themes, materials, processes and perspectives that bubble up from the groundwater into artists studios and work. Join us for presentations and conversation with four artists featured in this year’s Newport Annual who are working with unusual materials, processes and imagery, and learn how the artwork on exhibit fits in the context of their larger bodies of work.

Admission is free, but reservations recommended as seating is limited.

Participating Artists:
Judy Haberl
Alicia Renadette
Nancy Sepe
Jenny Walker

IMAGES  (from left)

Jenny Walker, Pop Tarts and Red Bull (Netflix and chill?), 2019, Embroidery on fabric and text from Craigslist

Judy Haberl, The Chef’s Hand Project: Karen Akunowicz, 2018 Inkjet photo, face-mounted to plexi-glass

Nancy Sepe, Oracle, 2018, Wood, metal, glass, paint, digital video

Alicia Renadette, Generation, 2019, Nursing pads, sweaters, paint color swatch cards, countertop laminate samples, inflatable pool toys, ribbon, zip-ties, artificial plants, flower pot stands, “retired” undergarments and stockings