Summer Art Camp: Dream Decoders (Ages 13-16)

July 1, 2024 - July 3, 2024

3 Days

Monday - Wednesday 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Taught by Danah Sullivan

Young adventurers will embark on a journey to explore the depths of their imaginations and uncover the hidden treasures of their dreams. Through engaging activities, campers will delve into the realms of their subconscious to discover their own ‘happy places’—those sacred havens of inspiration and wonder.

Using a range of materials ranging from canvas boards to magazine clippings and even found objects, participants will channel their creative energies to bring these enchanting scenes to life. Through the art of collaging with pictures and textiles, campers will weave together a tapestry of imagination, capturing the essence of their innermost selves in tangible form.

Join us as we unlock the door to our dreams and transform the intangible into the extraordinary! Let’s embark on this artistic adventure together and discover the magic that lies within


About the Teaching Artist:

  Danah Sullivan is a mixed media artist, based in Rhode Island. She is inspired by bold line work, noisy colors, and up-cycling objects that have been lost or forgotten in order to bring new life to them. Sullivan mixes imagery with bold colors and intense patterns to maximize her composition in an effort to express complex subjects to her viewers.

She strives to create images and pieces that could survive for many years to come. For this very reason, one of her passions is tattooing, allowing her art to live on her clients and grow with them throughout their lives.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available. Please submit an application to the education manager by 2 weeks before camp begins.

Museum members receive a discount on tuition!

Location and Parking

Newport Art Museum School camps are held in the Museum's School located at the Coleman Center for Creative Studies at 26 Liberty Street. Please park in our museum parking lots or on Liberty Street.