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Pascale Lord

Sammamish, 2018, Mixed media, Courtesy of the Artist.

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Hear from the Artist



My name is Pascale Lord and the two pieces I’m exhibiting in the Newport Biennial  are Pondicherry and Sammamish.

They are part of an installation called “Voyage Voyage”. 

These garments addresses the journey that we all take in life, not only through  worldly travels, Here: India & the West Coast, all places where I have been, but  also by experiencing the passage of time and aging.  

For a woman this can be a very challenging subject. 

Our skin changes, reflecting traces of time & hardship.  

Skin is like our personal canvas, we write on it our story, giving to it a certain  beauty. 

My work always starts on a prime canvas. 

For the 2 dresses in this exhibit, no other fabric is used.  

I like to build layers and then destroy them, cut and then rebuild and destroy,  construct again.  

Creation always involves, in one way or another, destruction of the past, this way you can reinterpret and create.  

Often in my work, you have mirrors, they are an entry point for the viewer to be  part of my process, my piece of art, my story.