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Rebecca Klementovich

Trust Me, I Know Better, 2020, Oil on canvas. Courtesy of the Artist.

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My name is Rebecca Klementovich. I painted, Trust me I know Better, a 48×36 inch oil painting. It was painted during Covid which gives it a special relevance.

The story behind this piece is of an epic tall ship voyage during the turn of the century, in New England. A Victorian wife named, Sarah Garrish, was on this ship when her husband died. She was his navigation assistant, and was the only person who could run the ship. The crew planned on mutiny because she was a woman navigating the ship.

The other special story about Sarah was that her two year old daughter was on board. During storms, they would strap themselves below onto the masts, so that they would not blow over.

The deep blues and abstract bold brush strokes serve to show the courage and difficulty of sailing a ship in a storm

I learned from this series, that some people process hard emotions via painting, as this piece is perfect for processing such emotions.