October 22, 2018   |   By Norah Diedrich

New Website

A New Window Into Our Museum

Over the past few years, we’ve embarked on a number of projects designed to improve our Museum visitor’s experience, whether it be on site or on line.

This fall, I’m extremely pleased to announce the launch of a critically important project we’ve been working on over the better part of the past year – the first phase of our redesigned Museum web site. Before we ring in the New Year, our new site’s essential functionality will be complete and in addition to making it easier to check the status of or renew one’s Museum membership, purchase a gift membership, or virtually send a charitable donation, registering for art classes and purchasing tickets for programs and events will also be infinitely more user-friendly.

However, once in place, this increased functionality and ease-of-use will represent just the beginning. We fully recognize the reality of changing museum audience expectations and excitement in the area of digital tools that have the capacity to offer meaningful interactive and educational experiences, whether in the gallery or wherever in the world someone’s laptop or phone may be connected.

Our Museum has always benefited from its visionary leaders, those who were willing to embrace and support the future. I think it’s appropriate in this communication to thank the generous visionary who realized the need for a revamped on line presence, and financially supported this redesign – our former Museum Board President, Sandra Craig.

And thank you, our diverse constituents and supporters, for your patience as we continue to add increased functionality to our web site over the next few months.