I Am A Well Being

October 28, 2023 - November 30, 2023

Newport Art Museum School

A youth perspective on mental health and wellness

This fall, Newport County children were invited by the Newport County Prevention Coalition and the Newport Art Museum to share their unique perspectives on well being by creating original works of art. Kits of free art materials were delivered to a staggering 1,800 young people through local schools, libraries and community organizations. Over 1,000 of these works are currently on display at the Newport Art Museum School, a poignant look at what brings our young people joy and helps them feel whole, calm and centered.

This thought-provoking initiative was conceived by Kathleen Bughelli of the Newport County Prevention Coalition in an effort to provide an opportunity for children to reflect upon how they take care of themselves as they navigate complex challenges and obstacles.

The exhibition theme “I Am A Well Being” speaks to the role the arts can play in supporting young people’s healthy minds, and celebrates the creativity, resilience and wellness strategies of our talented young people. 

Works will be exhibited at the Newport Art Museum School from October 28 – November 30, 2023. 


About Newport County Prevention Coalition and Strategic Prevention Partnerships

Strategic Prevention Partnerships promotes community health and well-being through action, education, support and collaboration. To accomplish this mission, we work independently and with partners to promote positive behavioral health for people of all ages by providing resources to meet substance use prevention and mental health needs, identify behavioral health issues and needs within our community and develop an infrastructure to meet identified needs by adapting evidence-based policies, practices, and programs to serve our local community.