Curated by Megan Horn

February 12, 2022 - April 24, 2022

Wright and Corridor Gallery

Everything is relative, and the environments in which we live are no exception. The most common way we view landscapes– as scenic vistas receding toward a horizon line– is only one way to look. If you shift your point of view the monumental shrinks, the miniscule becomes colossal, and unseen worlds that were always there come to light. Featuring works of art from the permanent collection, this exhibition offers new perspectives on our world by carrying viewers high up over and below the earth’s surface. From creating bird’s-eye views to up close encounters with underwater creatures, the artists in “Above/Below” explore the micro and macro details and workings of these mysterious and elusive realms of what hovers overhead and all that is beneath our feet. Although this exhibition features opposite extremes of our world, it explores the surprising and beautiful ways that we find ourselves inextricably linked between what is above and below.


Featured artists include: 

Richard Benson, Jesse Burke, Gene Dwiggins, Lucas Foglia, Sally Gall, Henry Horenstein, Salvatore Mancini, Barbara Pagh, Neal Rantoul, Aaron Siskind, Teddy Trocki-Ryba, and Jo Yarrington.