Providence Children’s Film Festival: Be Strong, Be Kind

February 17, 2019 1:00 pm Griswold House

Be Strong, Be Kind

All ages

Empathy is a skill that allows us to understand and share the same feelings that others feel. Some people have it while others… well let’s say they might need to practice. The stories in this reel hopefully inspire you to see things in another way. They include: a water fearing robot trying to save a stranded whale; a message in a bottle that transports through time instead of space; and an elephant’s trunk that has a mind of its own!

About the film:

Multi-national short films, 2017-2018
In English or no dialogue

Running Time: 73 minutes
Age recommendation: All Ages
Parental guidance: Unhappy homelife in HEDGEHOG.


The Newport Art Museum is pleased to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Providence Children’s Film Festival (PCFF), and the 5th year of our partnership, by becoming an official Film Festival screening location! PCFF presents the best of independent and international children’s cinema to inspire, delight, educate and connect a diverse community of children and families from Rhode Island and throughout New England. The Museum shares PCFF’s belief in the power of film to expand minds and open hearts to the world around us. We are thrilled to partner with PCFF to bring these important films to our community. Whether you’re a child, young adult, parent, educator, film lover, or film professional, there is inspiration and food for thought here. We’ll see you at the Museum!