Newport: The City as a Work of Art Lecture IV TICKETS

November 16, 2021 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm Griswold House

The Nine Cities: Newport Layer by Layer

Lecture IV, the last lecture in the Newport: The City as a Work of Art series with Architectural Historian John R. Tschirch brings us to the early 20th century, when Newport presented a complex, many layered urban scene. Colonial, Victorian and Gilded Age buildings made up a remarkable architectural heritage. The impressionist painter Childe Hassam immortalized 18th century buildings, the pioneering photographer Frances Benjamin Johnston captured Gilded Age houses, and the writer Thornton Wilder used the city’s many layers, which he referred to as the “Nine Cities” to craft a heroic, and often-times comic and tragic, journey through Newport.

Writers and artists through the ages have created a portrait of Newport through poetry, prose, paint and photographs. They have both recorded and reimagined the city in fact and in fiction, in the process leaving both a historical record and a body of work contributing to making Newport a mythic place. This series of illustrated lectures is based on John Tschirch’s recent book, Newport: The Artful City, which examines the buildings, landscapes and historic districts through the eyes of renowned authors, painters, photographers and illustrators who were inspired by Newport, using its places and people as characters in their own works.

Lecture will be followed by Q&A with John Tschirch, sale and book signing of Newport: The Artful City, and refreshments on the Museum porch. 

Masks must be worn indoors regardless of vaccination status.

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About John Tschirch

John Tschirch is an award-winning architectural historian, writer, and photographer. He has recently published Newport: The Artful City (Giles Ltd. London, 2020) for which he received a 2021 Victorian Society in America Book Award. His career in the preservation and study of historic landmarks and landscapes across the globe has led him on treks to French chateaux, English castles, Italian villas, Austrian palaces, Croatian fortresses, Argentinian mansions, and the Gilded Age houses of America. In recognition of his service to historic preservation, he was inducted as an Honorary Member of the Garden Club of America and received the 2013 Frederick C. Williamson Professional Leadership Award from the Rhode Island State Historic Preservation and Heritage Commission. His publications and photography may be viewed at

About Newport: The Artful City

Newport: The Artful City is a richly illustrated portrait of Newport, Rhode Island as a work of urban art, from colonial times to the present, both documented and celebrated in the maps, paintings, photographs, poetry and prose of renowned artists and writers.  It includes essays by David J. Silverman, Professor of History, George Washington University, Edward E Andrews, Associate Professor of History and Classics, Providence College, and Eileen Warburton, Independent Scholar.

As one of the most historically intact cities in North America, Newport has a cultural and architectural heritage of national significance. Each of the city’s districts has its own distinct character with street plans and buildings revealing the political, religious, commercial and artistic forces that have shaped Newport through the ages. Stately Colonial squares and bustling wharves, picturesque Victorian villas and scenic drives, opulent Gilded Age palaces for the few and electric streetcars for the many, and preservation movements to honor the past and modernist schemes for a metropolis of the future all tell stories of urban beauty and controversy, of eras of lavish building, urban decay and extraordinary revival.

By John Tschirch. Published by D Giles Limited with the Newport Historical Society, 2020. 240 pages, hardcover.  $44.95


Image Credit:

Henry Horenstein, Buddy’s Tattoo Parlor. ca. 1970. Library of Congress