Tiny Tours by Designers with DESIGNxRI

October 4, 2020 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Art builds connection, and connection builds community. This concept inspires much of what the Museum does, and making space for art has never felt more necessary. Tiny Tours launched just prior to the Museum’s COVID closure as a way to connect artists whose work was installed in the galleries with a virtual audience via Instagram. This simple idea has become a (tiny) phenomenon where artists, staff, docents, volunteers and members of the community have come to the Museum to talk about a work of art important to them.

The result? A host of thoughtful, engaging, and insightful perspectives shared widely, including with the artists themselves!

Special for Design Week, welcome to Tiny Tours by Designers! On Sunday, October 4, you’re invited to select a work that speaks to you as a designer and give an informal, personal, and truly tiny (1 min) tour. We’ll film it on site in the gallery, edit and post it on Instagram during Design Week!

Tiny Tours ARE: pint sized, easy, illuminating, and a blast.

Tiny Tours ARE NOT: intimidating, time-consuming, art history seminars, stuffy, boring.

How to Tiny Tour:

  • Sign up for a 30 min time slot
  • Come to the Museum early, check in at the front desk, and select a piece.
  • Collect your thoughts and then we’ll film you in the gallery near the work.
  • Do I have to know the history behind a piece/artist? NO. Yours is a personal, visual response. However, we can provide you with background information if you wish.
  • Can I read from written notes? ABSOLUTELY.
  • Am I going to be IN the film? IDEALLY, YES. If you have serious stage fright, you can narrate off camera.
  • What if I mess up? NO WORRIES. We’ll film until you’re satisfied!
  • How long will it take? Between 10-30 minutes.
  • What works can I pick from? Anything on display, including the architecture of the buildings and sculptures on the grounds. (Works on display in the Warhol: Big Shot exhibition are not available for Tiny Tours due to lending agreement restrictions.)