Annual Meeting of the Membership

May 29, 2019 5:00 pm Griswold House

Please join us for the 2019 Annual Meeting of the Membership and learn about the Museum’s 2018 accomplishments from the Museum’s Board of Trustees and Administration, followed by a lecture by esteemed guest speaker Sylvia Brown, and reception.

“A Complex Legacy – America’s Philanthropic Impulse and Funding for the Arts”

Leveraging her family’s 300-year philanthropic legacy and her own 35 years of experience in the charitable sector, Sylvia Brown is a passionate advocate of thoughtful and effective giving. After earning her BS and MA degrees from the University of Pennsylvania, Sylvia pursued a career in international development, from Wall Street to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, from investment promotion campaigns in emerging markets to micro-finance initiatives on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

In 2007, a course in strategic philanthropy sparked her new mission to promote affordable donor education. For the past decade, she has helped donors with their giving strategies and non-profits with their sustainability.  In 2015, Sylvia launched Uplifting Journeys, “boot camps for smarter donors,” and now is developing a virtual version of her experiential curriculum. In 2017, she published “Grappling With Legacy – Rhode Island’s Brown Family and the American Philanthropic Impulse”. In 2018, she was certified as a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy and is currently an Encore Public Voices Fellow at the OpEd Project, writing on effective giving practices for America’s retirees.

Sylvia’s great grandmother, Natalie Dresser Brown, a painter, was a founder of the Newport Art Museum; her grandfather, John Nicholas Brown, one of the “Monuments Men,” was a passionate advocate of great art and architecture; and her uncle, J. Carter Brown, was Director of the National Gallery in Washington, DC.

All are welcome to attend the Annual Meeting of the Membership.