Find your Creative Outlet

The Newport Art Museum School, which is housed in the Minnie & Jimmy Coleman Center for Creative Studies, offers classes, workshops, private lessons, and studio rental options year round. Throughout July and August, our studios are bursting with creative energy thanks to our popular week-long youth camps that explore multiple methods and mediums.

Our Studio School offers art classes in the context of a museum setting, which means our galleries, which feature art objects from the 18th century to the present, are always part of the curriculum.

Nurturing your creativity has numerous benefits. Making art can be relaxing, inspiring and provide a sense of accomplishment along with learning new and marketable skills. Creating with others in an art studio setting offers a rewarding atmosphere of camaraderie.

Children benefit enormously from engaging in the arts. They learn to freely express their ideas, work with others, use their imagination, improve their visual literacy and develop a healthy self-esteem.

We look forward to seeing you in our studios! Please contact The Newport Art Museum School with any questions.

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