The Newport Art Museum's MuSE (Museum Studies Experience) is a 'school-to-career' program, which introduces young people to contemporary art and provides an arts-based incubator for leadership, visual literacy, and life skill development.

MuSE is an application based, 6- or 12-week museum career-development and training program for high school juniors and seniors, eligible to all RI high school students who demonstrate interest in pursuing an arts path in college and are interested in learning more about working in a Museum.

The teens involved in our MuSE program are given an opportunity to make an important impact on the museum and its community and feel like 'museum insiders.' They'll learn valuable skills by engaging in collaborative, project-based activities, which culminate in visible results: public programs, events, or exhibitions.

The approach of school-to-career mentorship promotes lifelong engagement with arts and culture and develops and prepares participants to be the next generation of museum professionals, members and audience.

MuSE alumni have returned to the Museum as summer arts camp instructors.

MuSE provides an awareness of the numerous professional opportunities within this multi-faceted field. These students will carry with them an understanding that it takes many people to make an organization run – no matter what field of study or career path they pursue.

Miranda Peters
Collections Manager
Preservation Society of Newport County

How to Apply

MuSE is open to RI high school students in their Junior and Senior years for the program start date. For example, if you are Sophomore in spring term, you may apply for MuSE starting in the fall of your Junior year.

All students must provide either a small portfolio of artwork, or have demonstrated interest in the arts with a teacher recommendation.