MuSE (Museum Studies Experience)

MuSE is Newport Art Museum’s career prep program that leverages the museum and its school as an immersive learning laboratory. Participants engage in conversations on contemporary and historic art while developing life skills, leadership abilities, and visual literacy. All high school juniors and seniors in commuting distance are eligible to apply.

In each session, participants will hear from a range of museum professionals, see behind-the-scenes action, and learn about the multitude of ways in which one can be involved in cultural institutions as a career option. Together we will collaborate on exciting projects at the museum, and contribute to actual projects the museum team is working on. Each participant receives a small stipend for their contributions over the semester.

Our approach of school-to-career mentorship promotes lifelong engagement with arts and culture and prepares participants to be the next generation of museum professionals, members, and visitors. Alumni have returned to the Museum as interns and teacher assistants in our camps.

The next MuSE session will take place in spring of 2019.

MuSE 2019 Schedule Now Available

Apply Now

Our application process will require that you submit a response for each of the following questions. We suggest you draft your responses before you begin your application.

1. What do museums mean to you? Which museums have you been to, what were those experiences like, and what about your experience made it feel that way? If you have not been to many or even any, why not? (1-2 paragraphs)

2. What interests you most about MuSE? What do you hope to gain from participating? (1-2 paragraphs)

3. Tell us about your creative life. For example, what sorts of things do you make? What art classes have you taken? What are your creative goals? (1 paragraph)