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Elizabeth Lind

Untethered, 2020, African Wonderstone, Courtesy of the Artist.

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Instagram: @stonecocoon

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Hi I am Elizabeth Lind. I am a sculptor and I specialize in stone carving. I do direct carving which is unusual. I make life sized figures of women often in a sea environment, incorporating air and water. I am connected to Newport, I absolutely love the city and the environment. I work in North Kingstown in a studio that’s 200 years old. 

My work centers around themes of nature, and is very organic in symbolism. It takes a long time to make one piece. My work tends to be very focused because it takes a good bit of time and energy just to make one work. The piece that’s in this show is made out of African Wonderstone, a stone that I have always wanted to try. It’s extremely difficult, it’s a very cantankerous kind of stone. What drew me to this is that it’s the oldest thing I have ever touched in my life. It’s 3 billion years old. It’s made out of volcanic sediment. It’s a very exciting stone to carve. It has different colors: blue, pink, and purple. It was challenging and very rewarding to carve this particular piece.