PCFF Community Jury Night

November 15, 2018 6:00 pm Griswold House

The Providence Children’s Film Festival is loading up their film wagon and pulling it over to the bridge to the Newport Art Museum for the second annual Newport Community Jury Night! The Film Festival is held for ten days every February in Providence and, starting this year, at the Newport Art Museum!

Hundreds of films are submitted to the festival for consideration from all over the world, from India Point in Providence, to India proper! Families are instrumental in helping to select the very best films through regular community “Jury Nights”.

Jury Nights are fun and engaging gatherings for film-loving families where kids and parents watch and review films together. Kids always speak first, and discussing their disparate viewpoints is the BEST part. Post film discussions tease out the successful (and unsuccessful) elements of the films and are led by Eric Bilodeau, Director of Programming for PCFF.

As a bonus incentive, we’ll be serving delicious pizza and popcorn! So sharpen up your scoring pencils and we’ll see you there! Films are suitable for families, adults, and children ages 5 on up. Parents must accompany children. This is a free event, but registration is recommended!

More about the PCFF and the Film Selection Jury

The PCFF Film Selection Jury seeks films with content that speak positively to children, teens and families of diverse ages, backgrounds and ethnicities. Please consider submitting if you have created work that can speak to all, including children. We seek films that are entertaining and/or challenging to young minds with serious, true-to-life topics and narratives. Topics can span the entire range of emotions. A film need not have a “storybook” ending to find a place in our festival. PCFF welcomes foreign films with subtitles, documentaries, animation and even experimental films that might widen the perspectives of those who attend. Through the selected films we hope to: demonstrate the artistry and craft of filmmaking, provoke discussions about the stories and topics, and to make connections with people and cultures near and far.

The PCFF film selection jury is comprised of adults, children (ages 5 and up) as well as families who work as a group. At PCFF, youth have a voice from beginning to end in the selection of films. At most children’s film festivals youth only serve on award juries. But PCFF’s film selection jury gives children and teens a unique opportunity and responsibility: working alongside an adult committee to select the final Festival program from among hundreds of films that are submitted each year for consideration.