BYOB Crit Night

March 21, 2019 6:15 pm - 8:15 pm

Need some fresh eyes on a body of work, want to run a project by peers before submitting your work to galleries, or just want some personalized feedback? Join us for the first of our BYOB Crit Nights at our Museum School, for a casual and personal space to share your work with and gather feedback from other working artists.

A critique, or crit for short, is a participatory discussion in which artists and art students set up their work to be viewed by a group, share their ideas and plans, and receive constructive criticism on the concept and execution of the work. Responses an artist receives will vary depending on the format of the critique, the goals of the artist, and the artwork itself, but may include thoughts on execution, areas that may be unresolved, suggestions for improvements or continuation, recommendations of artists to look up, etc. Our format for the night will depend on how many people attend. All artists who attend will have an opportunity to receive feedback, and everyone who attends is expected to provide feedback to others.

This month’s BYOB Crit Night will be facilitated by Kameko Branchaud, our Director of Education. Find her studio work under Atelier Fu’una.

Doors open at 6:15, and we will begin at 6:30. Please arrive before 6:30 so that we can divide up the time, and so all attendees can benefit from your perspective.

This event is made possible by your support of the Annual Fund.