Scholarship Applications

Thanks to a number of generous individual and corporate sponsors, we can offer need and merit based, full and partial scholarships for classes and camps.


Refunds and Cancellations

Each course offered by the Newport Art Museum has a minimum enrollment requirement. Due to many circumstances, the Museum reserves the right to cancel any course no later than 1 business day prior to the start date. In the event of cancellation by the Newport Art Museum, full refunds will be granted. Student cancellation must be at least 5 business days prior to a class start date for a tuition refund, less a $25 service fee. No refunds will be given for withdrawal within 5 days of class start date. We do not offer refunds for one-day or Visiting Artist Workshops. We do not prorate to attend part of a course.

Inclement Weather

Classes, workshops or camps postponed because of weather or factors beyond our control will be made up, if possible, at the end of the term. During inclement weather, you can check the Museum’s website, Facebook page or the Rhode Island Broadcasters Association website for notice of closing or delay.

Associated Fees

Materials Fee
Any students paying a materials fee will have all necessary materials presented to them at the first class meeting. Teachers may recommend supplemental or additional items to purchase, but those are not required.

Clay Fee
All ceramics students must purchase clay from the Newport Art Museum; no outside clay is permitted in the studio or kilns. Clay is $35 per 25lb bag and may be purchased on an as needed basis. A studio fee does not include the cost of clay.

Model Fee
Any students paying a model fee are contributing to the stipend all hired models will receive while they pose for a class.  

Studio Fee
Any student paying a studio fee is entitled to additional hours in the studio outside of class meeting times. Students receive the equivalent amount of class hours for studio hours. Studio hours may only be used during hours when the building is open to the public and when the studio is not being used for a class. Studio schedules are posted on each classroom door. You must sign in so that the office may track your studio hours. Additional studio hours for all the studios are available for purchase.