WARP Repair Shop for Teens (Register by June 23)

June 29, 2019 -

1 Day

Saturday 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Taught by WARP Collective: Priscilla Carrion, Vedrana Hrsak, Lu Heintz

WARP Collective performs a ‘Repair Shop’ for an experimental twist on the logic of repair.

Re means ‘back’ or ‘again’; pair comes from the Latin parare meaning ‘to make ready’. Repair- to make ready again. For something to be repaired it does not necessarily need to maintain its original state but can move forward into something new. Damage and defects become our points of entry for artistic interventions that reorganize, confuse, enhance, and elevate. Stitches, patches, and dedicated handwork develop new design elements. The textile vocabulary of repair is exaggerated and extended into bizarre, playful and vogue iterations.
Repair Workshops mentor participants in their own transformative repair projects. Through stitching, felting or other ways of manipulating fabric.

Location and Parking
Newport Art Museum School classes are held in the Coleman Center, located at 26 Liberty Street. Please park in our museum parking lots.

Education Policies
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